Math Club (May) : Fibonacci Numbers (Patterns, Puzzles and Geometry)

Challenge 4: 2 Piles of stones

There are two piles of stones: one with 8 stones, one with 15 stones, At each turn, a player can choose one of the piles and divide it into two smaller piles. The loser is the player who cannot make a move. Who will win, and how?

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3 thoughts on “Challenge 4: 2 Piles of stones”

  1. the second player will win since there are 23 stones in total. one turn has already been made in splitting the stones into 8 and 15. So that leaves an even number of turns. So the second player will win

  2. there are total 23 stones and 23 is an odd number aslo there are 22 turns but it has already been cut to to 8 and 15 so there are 21 turns so 1’st person will win

  3. first one

    its like 23 stones already divided by first move in to 8 and 15 stones
    hence moves will get reversed. first person gets second move

    so i can say first person will win

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