Math Club (May) : Fibonacci Numbers (Patterns, Puzzles and Geometry)

Challenge 1: 15 piece chocolate

In this 2 player game, we have a 15 piece chocolate bar.

– In their turn, a player can break the bar along any of the lines into 2 pieces.
– The next player then breaks any of the pieces further.
– This goes on until a player cannot break a piece into further smaller pieces.
– The player unable to make a move loses the game.

What’s the winning strategy? Should you take the 1st turn or the 2nd turn? Why?

6 thoughts on “Challenge 1: 15 piece chocolate”

  1. 2’nd person will win because the first person always starts with odd and ends with even number then has to break it down then 2’nd person will make it 1 and 1 and win

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