AECT Legends

It’s interesting that both Robert Appleman and Malcolm Fleming came from creative backgrounds. Appleman comes from film direction and Malcolm was into photography. Phil Harris was into academics, been a school teacher and worked with professors in psychology. Edward Cafarella too was a Math school teacher and worked with the school district in the beginning of his career. It’s interesting how he and his wife coordinated their career transitions.

Some interesting questions to think, points and takeaways:

  • Attention: How do we use images to get a person’s attention?
  • Learning is not about the video or film or images or any media used, but how the instruction is carried about and implemented.
  • In games, failure is the key (it motivates as well as offers meaningful feedback), but unfortunately, in teaching, there’s so much focus on avoiding failure at all costs.
  • Only when people started to learn about the brain, there was some sort of a shift from behaviourism to cognition, and people started seeing clearly the differences between conditioning and learning.
  • Loyalty, leadership and dedication is what builds great organisations.
  • Anything might change – subjects, technologies, assessments….but learning is here to stay.
  • We have come a long way in terms of technology used in the classrooms in the last 50 years….from no plug points to put in devices to 8-10 different devices needed to show different things in the classroom to now, just a laptop/iPad with a projector being able to do all of that.
  • Over the last 50 years, there’s been a huge shift from teacher instruction to student learning.
  • Teachers need to understand where the student is currently, and where do we wish to take him/her.
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[…] Anything might change – subjects, technologies, assessments….but learning is here to stay. (Read more) […]