The Dark Knights!

Can the knights move from position 1 to position 2?

I am assuming you are aware of how a knight moves on a chessboard. The following image will make it clear if you don’t know about it. From its current position, it can move to any of the squares marked with a X.

It can 2 steps in any direction and then takes another step in the perpendicular direction.

There are 4 knights placed on a 3×3 chessboard. Is there a way in which they can move from the positions shown in State 1 to the positions in State 2? Is it possible? Can you find how that can be done?

Note : You can use as many valid moves as you wish.

State 1

State 2

Share your thoughts, ideas and solutions in the comments. The video discussion to the problem will be posted soon.

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It is not possible

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